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I believe fully that all senior level professionals should be able to perform in their careers from a position of total confidence. Allowing them to fulfil their potential, enjoying the journey and maximising any opportunity they choose to pursue.


Believe in yourself.


All good coaches start by listening and understanding your story.


For some accounting professionals this is the first time in a very long time that the focus is purely on them and it is an enormously powerful starting point.


We will work through your goals and understand where you are now.


Both in practical terms and mindset. At this stage we can note if you have any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


and Tasking

A coaching program progresses by discussing your current situation in our confidential coaching sessions and advancing towards the successful completion of the goals set for your coaching program.

The skill of the coach is to facilitate the coachee to overcome any limiting beliefs that may be holding them back.


The result is the progress towards or total achievement of the goals we agreed. The by-product will undoubtedly be increased confidence, greater self-awareness and a more fulfilling career.


The First Session is Free

There are no catches to this. I just ask you show up fully for the session, with a view to considering an ongoing coaching programme that will facilitate you achieving your goals over a sustained future.


The ROI being truly a no brainer!


There is a pre coaching questionnaire so the session is totally focussed on the best outcome for you.

Ian Kaye

About Your Coach

The founder of Accountants Who Lead. 30 years business experience across a wide spectrum of organisations. A “big 4” trained accountant, CFO/FD experience (currently CFO of a med-tech start-up). He completed his MBA at Cranfield School of Management.

Ian is an approved trainer for the ICAEW professional training academy, he provides 1-2-1 coaching and is a double-qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming trainer, having trained with 2 of the 3 founders of NLP.

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