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Newstone Talent Solutions combines dedication and precision to offer a smooth and effortless experience for everyone. We deliver a trustworthy and practical recruitment service through our understanding of the market and our specialist sectors. Working closely with you, we attentively listen, identifying the most appropriate candidates for your assignment. Utilising our extensive networks and carefully selected talent pools of both passive and active job seekers, we will provide the solution you require.

Whether you plan to make permanent hires or opt for contractors, engage in retained search, or contingent recruitment, we have a broad network of highly skilled professionals who swiftly understand strategic needs and act promptly to deliver results.


Why should we use a consultancy?

  • We know that time and value for money are invaluable. That's why we only present candidates that are the right fit for your organisation.
  • As a result of a thorough, committed approach you can rest assured that the best in market and passive candidates have been identified.
  • Investing in a candidate from Newstone will ultimately save you time and money.

Why should I use Newstone?

  • As an agile, independent recruitment consultancy, Newstone Talent Solutions can offer you an affordable tailored service for both interim and permanent recruitment.
  • With the added benefits of accessibility, transparency, and experience we are acutely aware of both our markets and current employment trends.
  • We are also fully accredited members of a number of Recruitment Associations and therefore enjoy additional support from our industry leading governing bodies. This enures that our offering exceeds normal industry standards. 

How do I know you will send me the right candidate for the job?

  • It is in our interests to get it right the first time. That is why we practice industry leading candidate testing, referencing, and interview techniques, all of which are performed before any introduction.
  • We capitalise on the latest recruiting techniques to ensure the right candidate is identified every time.

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