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The 12 Steps to Attract & Retain the TOP 10% of talent

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


As a business leader, your success is partially determined by your ability to attract and on-board the top Senior Finance, Strategy & Business Transformation professionals that exist within your industry sector.

Regardless of what employment statistics tell us or what economic factors and trends we experience, the bottom line is that there is an ongoing and unyielding challenge for CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, Directors and Managers to make a conscious effort to evaluate and improve their approach to attracting and securing the upper quartile Senior Finance, Strategy & Business Transformation professionals.

This eBook will share with you some effective techniques and best practices to ensure you have a comprehensive and robust strategy to attract the best talent for your business.


In any sector of business, there can be many challenges when faced with the prospect of identifying the very best talent. Senior Finance, Strategy & Business Transformation is no different.

Uncertainty was a buzzword throughout 2019 but, moving forwards into 2020 and beyond, advancements in technology, digitization and economic disruption can in fact be catalysts for opportunity and bold new ways of working. You just need to ensure that your recruitment strategies are clear and purposeful!

Research from the SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts) indicates that the UK remains the largest recruitment market in Europe, with 1% growth in 2019 and a further 3% growth anticipated in 2020. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) adds further weight to these statistics by highlighting the UK's "steady growth", despite factors such as Brexit, US-China trade relations and the imminent IR35 tax legislation. Increasingly, Senior Finance, Strategy & Business Transformation professionals are being called upon to support large scale strategic programmes. These can include implementing new software and systems, setting up shared service centres, managing outsourced functions and interpreting large volumes of complex data to drive business growth.

Businesses are constantly relying upon Finance, Strategy & Business Transformation teams in order to both make sense of the 'now' and to provide assured improvements in relation to longer range plans. A scarcity of capital and a shift towards risk aversion has created insistence for increased analysis and consequently a demand for those skilled at providing such critical insight.

According to Bain & Company, more emphasis is being placed on bridging the gap between finance, strategy, transformation and operations. Unearthing such a blend of skills is what is presently giving many hiring managers headaches. To put it simply, top professionals in this image are hard to come by, hence the reason for this guide.

Having spoken to a cross section of Senior Finance, Strategy & Business Transformation leaders who are looking for a competitive advantage, the primary things that become apparent is the quality of their team and the depth of the Continuous Professional Development programmes that exist within their respective organisations.

Unless you have the top talent, it means that these sought after, upper quartile individuals are with your competitors. That means your competitors have the edge; do you really want that?

‘The 12 Steps’ that you, as a hiring manager, can follow to ensure that your recruitment strategy is both robust and ultimately successful are detailed below:


Download this eBook by clicking on the link below:

The 12 Steps - Newstone Talent Solutions
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