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  • Oliver Jessup

Why Recruiters Should Invest in Marketing Automation

In the average person's working life, they could change jobs up to 12 times. Therefore, your role as a recruiter does not necessarily end once you match a candidate to a position. They may have need of your services again in the future, and so it is important to maintain that relationship.

As peoples' lives progress, their values and requirements within their careers may shift. It is vital for a recruiter to maintain a relationship even after a successful placement. There may be a lot to keep tabs on; it can feel like spinning plates trying to keep up with existing contacts as well as forming trust with new ones. This is where marketing automation comes in, proving itself to be an invaluable tool.

What is Marketing Automation?

In a nutshell, marketing automation is software that takes monotonous, time-consuming tasks and automates them to your needs. Social media posts, emails, newsletters and ad campaigns can all be curated through the software and sent specifically to the candidates it is applicable to in order to make your communications as successful as possible.

There are many benefits to using marketing automation within your business that will help build the strongest relations with both candidates and employers who will be using your services.


Where each step in a campaign may previously have had to be done by a person, automation software enables you to schedule communications and social media posts. This will save you time and money, freeing up staff to focus on other essential work while the automation system keeps things moving.

Keep Track of Preferences

With each communication, the software improves the knowledge you gain about a candidate. Their engagement is measured, enabling you to easily track their preferences and needs. You can effortlessly keep tabs on an individual's areas of interest, preferred communication and how likely they are to engage with your content. Ultimately, this will help you to better identify a stronger candidate and reduce the time spent screening for unqualified leads. The more knowledge you gain about a candidate or an employer, the more personalised and effective you are able to make your communication with them.

Communicating at the Right Time

By keeping track of a candidate's interests, you will then be able to tailor your communications to their needs. For example, if someone has recently taken on a role, they will not need communications from you on advice for interviews, for example. Instead, they will benefit more from things such as 'How to thrive in a new role'. Similarly, an employer will need neither interview nor new job advice but may be interested in communications about trends within their industry. With the insights you gain on the individual's preferences at any time in their career path, you are able to make your communications with them more engaging and effective.

Form Long Term Relationships

As previously mentioned, a candidate or employer may not have need of your services at this moment, but that need may arise again in the future. Automation can help keep those relationships, building long term trust by driving engagement. By monitoring changes in activity and preferences, you will be able to personalise your outreach and build successful, lasting relationships.

Insight for Future Campaigns

How well was an email received? What communication generated the most interest? Was a campaign successful? Marketing Automation will monitor all kinds of trends in your campaigns, giving you invaluable insight into your communications and how well received they were. These insights can then be used in the future to better curate communications to receive an optimal response.

By integrating Marketing Automation software into your business's CRM system, you will be able to easily keep track of a candidate or employer's needs at any given moment. The insights you gain will tell you whether a relationship needs driving forward or nurturing and help you tailor your communications to their varying interests.

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