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  • Oliver Jessup

6 Tips to Hiring Top Talents After Covid-19

The global pandemic has undoubtedly impacted businesses in all sectors. From startup to most well-known businesses, there has become a drastic shift in how they operate. Sadly, too many businesses have had to close down. But once the pandemic is over, which we know won’t last forever, the new normal will find companies resuming operations and shifting or pivoting their strategies to accommodate customer demand whilst keeping the learnt lessons of what we’re going through in the back of their minds.

Recruiting top talents will be imperative for companies that choose to  focus on the growth of their operations. As many employees were displaced during the crisis, there is now an abundant talent pool of skilled individuals waiting in the wings to fill new job vacancies. However, businesses  will need to modify their approach and better manage the expectations  of what they need from an employee as undoubtedly people have also adjusted thinking. An in-office role from 9-5, five days a week will no longer be the norm.

What could companies offer top talents aside from a high salary? Stability, flexibility, an outstanding company culture and a collaborative working environment. Here are five tips to consider when hiring top talent after Covid-19.

Focus on your Branding

Companies need to stay in the minds of their target market and the top talent. People need to know that while your business may have been impacted by Covid-19, you are still up and running. They need to feel secure in the knowledge that you are a company that can overcome any pandemic or any similar scenario in the future. 

Recruit and Onboard Digitally

It sounds like common sense now given what we are experiencing with the global crisis, but recruiting and on-boarding new members of the team will now go a long way moving forwards. It will allow you and the talented individuals to remain safe as the pandemic dies down but also people will be afforded the necessary time and preparation required to gel the team prior to actually starting work.

Consider Flexible Roles

Now that we’ve all experienced having to work from home, prospective new hires could feel the need to be able to do this occasionally without fear of being reprimanded. There are, after all, several benefits to working from home, especially for parents in a leadership role. It epitomizes the commonly sought after  “work-life” balance everyone is seeking. Plus, no one has to waste any time having to travel.

Stay Connected with Top Talents

Even if you’re not ready to hire for a new position yet, it’s prudent to stay in touch with consultative recruiters who can support you along the way and ultimately identify the top talent required when the time is right.

Streamline Recruitment Efforts with Online Platforms

Utilize different marketing platforms. Whilst LinkedIn is still the 'go to' platform for initially evaluating a potential candidate it’s no longer enough. Not everyone is using the same platform, so you need to think about using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well.

Partner with a Specialist Recruitment Firm

Hiring managers consistently face three challenges - time, team and money. For effective assistance in combating these obstacles, partner with a Specialist Recruitment firm. Specialist Recruiters will have a comprehensive understanding of your sector and industry - in other words the awareness of the exact skill set you are looking for. They understand this because of their niche experience and will be connected enough to know where to find the desired top talent. Ultimately, partnering with a specialist will ensure that you have access to the best, exclusive talent and this will keep you a step ahead of your competitors.

Being equipped to hire during and after Covid-19 provides assurance and continuity. Implementing these tips will certainly help your business thrive in the new normal.

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