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At Newstone Talent Solutions, we are committed to assisting you with each phase of your career with a genuine focus on fulfilling your potential.

We maintain and nurture extensive networks across a number of commercial sectors and are able to connect skilled professionals with the opportunities they need to push their career forwards.

Our search services are tailored to the individual allowing you to achieve your professional goals.


Contact us to discover what is right for you and your career.

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In order to be a successful contractor, easy access to a consistent stream of opportunities is the key to success. As a result of our partnerships with leading businesses, we can help you connect with the interim opportunities you need to achieve your objectives.


Whether or not you are a professional contractor or someone thinking about embarking upon a contracting career, we can advise you on which organisations require your skills and how to maximise your value in the market.

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Our experience and extensive sector networks gives us an unrivaled ability to present you with the best in market opportunities. When you work with Newstone Talent Solutions, we make it our primary objective to ensure we understand your key skills and then provide a transparent overview of the permanent jobs market and organisations that we believe will best fit you.

We can advise you on how best to position your unique value proposition to the market. When working with us, you will be consistently connected with the best opportunities from leading employers therefore enabling you to drive your career forwards.

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